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A Positive Diagnosis

My name is Kelly Markell.

My life changed forever on February 12, 2008 when my son called me with something urgent to share. I was going out to dinner with my daughter and I got that “Dad I have something to tell you” call.

I got a similar type of call just about two years earlier when he called to tell me he was gay. Now that was a surprise, but my acceptance, love and support of my son was unwavering. He was relieved (and so was I that he hadn’t gone out and done something stupid that was going to cost me a bunch of money.) You know how dad’s think…

But this time, all of the love and support I assured him were still there weren’t going to be enough to make him feel okay. He had actually waited three months to tell me because he wanted to be sure and research as much as he could so I didn’t worry so much.

My son was HIV positive.

The change I had to face was that my son’s life was never going to be the same. For the first time in his life, I felt powerless to do something that would make things better for him.  I didn’t know anything about HIV and all of the things I needed to do and learn came crashing down on me.

There are no do over’s here – no going back to make it right. HIV may no longer be a death sentence, but it is certainly a life sentence. None of what my son had accomplished in his life was going to keep him from facing HIV everyday.

In this world we live in, we take risks and we make mistakes. We have to live with the consequences of those mistakes. If he was going to survive this and have the kind of life that he earned through his hard work, we had to know about HIV and do much more than hang on for the ride.

A New Journey

It was time for me to learn all I could about HIV. I had hundreds of questions so the first thing that I did was to get on the Internet and do some research.

There were literally hundreds of sites and thousands of pages that had a multitude of answers to my questions. But it was confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes the answers to my questions were just too clinical and didn’t really solve anything. We started to know about HIV, but we really didn’t know what to do with that knowledge.

I created MyHIVAIDSAwareness.com because I wanted my son to live his life without limitations. These limitations are not just from an HIV positive diagnosis, but from lack of knowledge, stigma and fear, and not having much needed support.

MyHIVAIDSAwareness.com is a web site dedicated to building support, providing simple solutions, and delivering valuable information to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We focus on researching credible and trustworthy sources of information.

Our team thoroughly reviews the mountains of information – some opinion and some fact – to present simple personal solutions that can make a difference in living with HIV/AIDS.

I am not a doctor, a professor, or a therapist. I am a Dad who believes that we can make a difference in your daily life.

Our mission is to create a path for you to make lifestyle changes and take control of your life again. We have done our job when we provide knowledge, clarity and understanding in your fight with HIV.

I want you to join in my fight to live your life without limitations. You will be receive a copy of my amazing new video Thirty Minutes – Ten Experts: What They Want You To Know About HIV. I asked ten HIV experts around the country to grab a video camera and film whatever came to their minds when given this opportunity to speak directly to you. There’s no script, no rehearsals and no production crew.  This is true HIV reality.

Please join us by sharing your name and email address in box at the top right of this page.

To read more about Kelly’s story, please click here.

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Living a positive life is more than a diagnosis. We seek the solutions and you get the updates here.

You'll receive one of the very first copies of my soon to be released video 30 Minutes - 10 Experts: What They Want You To Know About HIV!

I asked 10 experts from across this country to share a vital message about HIV. These are words they each want you to take to heart when you watch this inspiring video. Be the first in line!

Once a week I will send you my update on HIV/AIDS including interviews with experts, tips on health and wisdom, and share a few jokes. JOIN US!

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