Why should I choose your site over the other HIV/AIDS awareness-based websites?

After my son’s diagnosis I had a lot of questions and needed answers.  I talked to many infected and affected and feel I understand a more personal approach to what other personal & professional caregivers are experiencing, hearing and doing.  I searched the net and found it too clinical, too large, too time consuming and not personal enough.  I quickly realized how exhausting it can be.

Our goal is to provide a more personal Illness research assistance to those new and old living with and affected by the life changing challenges and concerns of HIV/AIDS.

We give our followers credible, trustworthy, valuable solutions and direction in minutes not hours.  With “beat on the street approach”, talking to interviewing and videotaping those with emotional & professional insight in many of your concerns.

What does your website offer for me and my support group of friends & family?

In addition to providing answers to your questions as well as additional resource material, we give you an opportunity to interact with others who may be dealing with similar challenges. At this site you will have a chance to share your stories and gain fresh perspectives on common issues.

This site also serves as a forum or HIV/AIDS global awareness community of doctors, counselors and therapists as well as concerned friends and family members.

We’ll search out and sift through the nice to know info and provide need to know answers to your many questions and concerns along with answering hundreds more you never thought to ask. 

We invite you to make this your “home” site for learning, listening, and taking healthy, life-supporting action that will allow you to stay up to date being in a better position to take control and better manage your life.

How do I know the information that is provided is accurate and up to date?

We streamline the research process for you with our team attending classes and conferences.  Also, subscribing to and researching the best of the best resources & websites So you can watch videos, read and listen to valuable information and interviews with Doctors, Professional caregivers and others like you.

Will you tackle current issues in the community?  

Community issues are one of our major concerns. As part of our proactive membership community, we invite you to tell us about or direct us to local and regional issues that are of major concern to you.  

Will there be other opportunity for me to give and receive support in other ways?  

Yes. We want to hear from you! We like to remind our followers and members that this is your website; we welcome your feedback.

We review the latest books, articles and other media products that focus on HIV/AIDS treatment and support.

As part of our community efforts, we also provide live and recorded interviews with HIV/AIDS afflicted individuals as well as their family, friends and professional caregivers. As they share their knowledge,experiances and emotional concerns and how they successfully overcame them.  

We are here for you, to do your research, answer your questions, and serve as your global support community

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