Become an HIV Expert

Today we are talking about our innovative new video learning experience called: Become an HIV Expert in Ten Minutes or Less.

Becoming an HIV expert

Okay, we know that nobody becomes an expert in ten minutes or less. But we do know that in ten minutes you can make a decision to become the expert in your own life and make the choice to take some action to improve your quality of life with HIV.

We start this journey with a ten minute video sharing some the most important aspects of a single issue that impacts your life with HIV. Over the next ten days, we spend ten minutes creating one new habit each day that will change your life and integrate what you have learned in your daily living.

It is one thing to have knowledge, it is another to make that knowledge work for you in your life.

About the video series

This amazing interactive learning experience focuses on creating personal solutions for you to the  key issues that affect your life with HIV every day. Kelly will start you off with a short video clip and the rest of the video featuring colorful graphics will be narrated by his son, Nick.

We will be working on areas such as:

  • Live Your Positive Life (daily planner/priorities)
  • Start the Fight (treatment decisions)
  • Eat for HIV (nutrition/diet)
  • Tune Your Body (exercise/mediation)
  • Ride the Storm (panic & anxiety)
  • Beat the Blues (depression)
  • Manage the Meds (medications/drug treatments)
  • Build Your Circle (support)
  • Tackle the Tests (HIV testing)
  • Own Your HIV (disclosure/coming to terms with HIV)
  • Simplify Your Complications (understanding HIV complications)
  • Know the Story (HIV disease primer/research)
  • Find Your Heart (love, dating & relationships)
  • Change Your Path (naturopathy/homeopathy)
  • Sideline the Effects (side effects)
  • Lead the Way (taking charge/helping others)
  • Take Back the Night (sleep/restfulness)

In each learning experience, you will receive a ten minute expert video, a ten day action guide, and access to our interactive online community to receive daily updates, download from our libraries, and share with others. Kelly and our team will be with you each day providing some hints and sharing experiences.

We researched the “best of the best” so you don’t have to in creating this series. For each expert video, we looked at several definitive sources of expert information and we organized it into an easy to understand concepts that make sense. In our interactive action guide, we take those concepts and create specific action steps you can take every day.

We call this becoming an HIV expert because we are sharing the information and tools that you need to take control of your life with HIV. No more depending on others to tell you what to do. And now you can be a full partner in your treatment and daily living decisions.

A look at the video

Here is a quick look at some of the screens for our first learning experience – Eating for HIV – which tackles the sometimes comples issues of nutrition.









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