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People Living with HIV and AIDS and HIV LIFE Expectancy

Posted in Information on Friday, January 15th, 2010 by admin - 4 Comments

People Living with HIV and AIDS and HIV Life Expectancy

If you were diagnosed as HIV positive, was one of your first questions–How long will I live?”  You’re not alone.  There is an HIV AIDS campaign regarding information on HIV life expectancy.  Before the current medications became available in the late 1990s, many people had the expectation that AIDS was an automatic “death sentence.”  In the terrible “old days,” people who were infected usually developed full blown AIDS within ten years of becoming positive, and then would usually lose their battle in less than two years.  Sadly, this is still the case with many other countries where the newer medications are not readily available.

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However, an HIV AIDS campaign regarding HIV life expectancy will give most people in North America a great sense of hope.  The reality is, most people here who carry the virus will most likely not die of AIDS, but like others who are HIV negative, eventually pass away from human realities, such as heart disease and injuries. 

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Another important teaching for people living with HIV and AIDS, is an HIV AIDS campaign regarding HIV life expectancy will give the good news the same things that will protect those who are HIV  negative—reducing risks—a healthy diet—quitting smoking—regular exercise—will also protect people with the virus.  This emphasizes the importance of looking out for high blood pressure, and for those who also have hepatitis, monitoring liver damage to make certain these non-HIV problems don’t develop into serious health challenges.

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While overall, things are looking up, a small number of people are unable to tolerate the newer medications.  For these individuals and for those who do not receive treatment, or are unable to afford it, their life expectancies will be closer to that of patients at the start of the AIDS epidemic.

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    This is certainly what I’ve been finding all day. I should have discovered your blog post faster.

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