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If you’ve got 10 minutes a day, you can transform your life with HIV into one of health, happiness and abundance at HIV Positive Living University. This unique program designed by me (Kelly Markell, the father of an HIV positive son) and my team at goes to the heart of the challenges of living with HIV.

Kelly Markell - HIV Positive Living UniversityI want my son and others with HIV to live their lives without limitations. These limitations come about not only from the HIV, but from lack of knowledge and empowerment, experiences of fear and stigma, and the sense that you no longer control anything about life.

HIV Positive Living University addresses both the practical matters of managing a lifetime chronic disease and the emotional issues that often accompany HIV/AIDS. It is not enough to share knowledge, we create a path to use that knowledge to make your life better and take back control of your destiny.

As a member of HIV Positive Living University, you will receive:

HIV Positive Living University Monthly Life-Building Reports from Kelly Markell. You get Kelly’s latest and most up-to-date HIV/AIDS news and quality of life breakthroughs sent confidentially to your email via these comprehensive life-building reports. Now, you’ll stay in control of your life and your HIV strategy.

HIV Positive Living University Interactive Learning Experiences. Each month you get 2 Become An HIV Expert in 10 Minutes or Less courses that walk you thru the essential details of what to do (and how and when to do it) to conquer one key aspect of living with HIV. With these 2 expert courses you will take consistent leaps in knowledge and power in only 10 minutes per day for 10 days!

HIV Positive Living University eBooks. Each month you get 2 eBooks from the HIVantage Point series  that share with you best practices and “what’s working right now” for some of the critical quality of life issues you face with HIV.  As you read expert secrets and what others are doing to improve their lives it will shortcut your path to a life without limitations.

Access to the private HIV Positive Living University Campus. Every month you get access to the campus and the most recent 2 expert courses, eBooks and reports so you can go thru their content at any pace and when it’s convenient for you.  You will be able to confidentially interact and share experiences with others on campus. Plus, within your campus you’ll be given some other cool goodies such as the expert library featuring in-depth information from some of the leading HIV/AIDS organizations.


About our Become an HIV Expert in 10 Minutes or Less courses:

Our Become An HIV Expert in Ten Minutes or Less courses walk you thru the essential details of what to do (and how and when to do it) to conquer one key aspect of living with HIV. With these interactive learning experiences, you will take consistent leaps in knowledge and power in only 10 minutes per day for 10 days!

Each expert course improves your understanding of the critical knowledge points for a key issue of living with HIV.   You can become an expert in your own life with HIV by gaining knowledge of these key issues. Become An HIV Expert in 10 Minutes or Less give you the clarity to become a true partner in your treatment and a path to use your knowledge of HIV in your everyday life.

We start with a 10 minute video where Kelly and his son Nick walk you through 10 key knowledge points. In only 10  minutes each day for the next ten days,our action guide reinforces those points in easy 10 minute modules. These daily modules create a path to make your life better and to take back control of your destiny.

Series I courses highlight vital topics:
Eat for HIV (nutrition/diet)
Start the Fight (treatment decisions)
Know the Story (HIV disease primer/research)
Own Your HIV (disclosure/coming to terms with HIV)
Simplify Your Complications (HIV complications)
Build Your Circle (support)
Sideline the Effects (side effects)
Tackle the Tests (HIV testing)
Live Your Positive Life (daily planner/priorities)
Manage the Meds (HIV medications)

Series II will continue to build your knowledge base:
Beat the Blues (depression)
Ride the Storm (panic & anxiety)
A Life Story (aging with HIV)
Take Back the Night (sleep/restfulness)
Tune Your Body (exercise/mediation)
Change Your Path (naturopathy/homeopathy)
Lead the Way (taking charge/helping others) – coming in 2011
Find Your Heart (love, dating, relationships) – coming in 2011
It Isn’t Only Money (financial/legal) – coming in 2011
In My Shoes (caregivers/friends/family) – coming in 2011

How are we able to do this?

Because I am in your shoes. I was spinning my wheels every day and not understanding how to help my son. I couldn’t get through all of the information that was coming at me let alone understand what to do with it. HIV is a complex disease.  And I just couldn’t take it anymore.

That’s when I did what I had to do to discover the secret of living a happy, healthy, and abundant life with HIV. So I know just how you feel. And I know it sucks. So I used what I learned through my own trial and error to help others who are stuck in the situation my son escaped from.

I learned there was an important step all of those who are living successful lives with HIV went through to enable them to rise up to the challenge and break free of the fear and uncertainty. And when they took this step, a whole new world opened up to them.

This big secret step? You’ve got to be in the fight. You’ve got to know about HIV and be an expert in your own life. Become a true partner in your treatment and well-being. Together we can get you in the fight and work out your plan to live your best life with HIV.


About our HIVantage Point eBooks

HIVantage Point eBooks are a one-of-a-kind series designed to take you to new heights!  Each of our eBooks focuses on a quality of life issue in living with HIV. We share with you best practices and “what’s working right now” for these critical issues that affect your health and happiness.

In the privacy of your home, you can make the decision to tackle some of these issues that are making your life not all it could be. Being diagnosed as HIV positive is a life changing moment. In the course of living with HIV, you will face moments of fear and uncertainty as events seem to move out of your control. I know that I have when faced with my son’s diagnosis and treatment.

Are you getting in the way of your living the best life possible with HIV?

This is a serious question you MUST ask yourself. Then sit back and really think about the answer. You could very well be fighting an uncontrolled fire in your life with a tiny bucket.

Imagine how you could put out the fires in your life with HIV if you used a fire hose instead, pouring out gallons of water instead of a few drops. The fires in your life would be no match for the resources you would bring.

HIVantage Point is your resource.


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