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Do you know your HIV status? The medical establishment believes over one million Americans are HIV positive, but only about one in four know their status. Many, who are positive, do not ask for their outcomes, even when they are tested. A 2000 study found that almost one in three never returned to be told their test results.

Understandably, health care providers consider HIV testing to be a major concern. Medical professionals currently say being tested as soon as possible with the expectation of early intervention with medication can prevent or postpone HIV related infections.cdc_national_hiv_testing_day

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1985 saw the first AIDS HIV test to be licensed. The rapid tests,  easily available in 2010, can provide you information in less than 20 minutes. These began to be used in 1992. The first home use AIDS HIV test became available in 1996. This home test needs a self-collected blood sample which will you mail to a lab. The procedure will take approximately 72 hours, and then you can call a central number  to get your results by giving the code that comes with the test.

This secret code allows an anonymous HIV test. A great number of people choose an anonymous HIV test, since they honor their privacy. A number of insurance providers, before the health reform attempts by the Obama administration, will refuse coverage for what is considered a pre-existing condition.

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Are you looking for HIV Test Centers? If you are, it s important to know nine states do not provide anonymous HIV tests. These are Idaho, Iowa, Nevada, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee. If you call one of these states home, then instead of going to your local HIV Test Centers, you may want to use a home based test, or chose to use the services of an adjoining state.

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