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Haiti and AIDS

Posted in Community, News on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 by admin - 2 Comments

After a little over a month after the major  Haiti earthquake, at least 200,000 people are known to be  dead.  Partners Luke Montgomery and Nate Gudias have been working to make a difference.  Cause Commandos is the name of their grassroots organization that has raised at least $10,000 in necessary supplies, including baby formula, medicines and drugs.  Luke is a former resident of Haiti and founded an orphanage for children with AIDS.

“We’re not disaster aid professionals but we just had to take action, so we simply got on a plane,” says Nate. “After landing in the Dominican Republic we went to local medical supply stores and pharmacies and loaded up on antibiotics, prescription painkillers and other essentials from bandages to baby formula, from IV fluids to injection syringes. We crammed every inch of our big rented SUV full of supplies and every bag we had was overflowing with urgently-needed drugs. We then drove all through the night to the Haitian border. There we hooked up with the Dominican navy. We loaded our all of our supplies onto a relief ship and set sail for Haiti and have been running back and forth ever since.”

They promise 100 percent of all donations to their organization will go to Haiti relief.

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