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Symptoms of HIV Positive People

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Symptoms Of HIV Positive People

You can survive and thrive with HIV. Many others do. Known as “Da Pirate,” or “One Tough Pirate,” Bob Bowers has survived and thrived with HIV and AIDS for over 25 years. In 2005, He founded HIVictorious, Inc. Lecturing as an HIV positive person, Bowers speaks from a first-hand about importance of offering a face to the disease in order to reduce the stigma of AIDS. He is outspoken about the struggles he has had in his life, and the personal choices he made before he was infected. In his public presentations, he shows how HIV disease has assisted him in making better choices and in appreciating the very day-to-day life s simple beauty. “For everything negative I can say about HIV, I can also find something positive to say. It’s all about choices and playing the hand you are dealt.” (

Bob, and other People living with HIV and AIDS, can celebrate productive and happy lives with treatment and proper care. The following indicate some of the symptoms of HIV:

rapid weight loss

dry cough and shortness of breath


swollen lymph nodes in the armpits, bar, or neck

spots on the tongue, mouth, the nose or on the eyelids


memory loss

lasting depression and other neurological disorders

These additional symptoms may also be associated with an HIV infection:

fever (longer than one month)

night sweats hiv (longer than one month)

diarrhea (longer than one month) (

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It is important to realize all of these symptoms can indicate other problems or diseases. An HIV test is the only real way to prove an HIV diagnosis.

Night sweats HIV are often a very uncomfortable part of being HIV positive for many who are living with HIV and AIDS.

Night sweats HIV can be so intense a person can soak through clothes and bedding. These sweats are not caused by exercise. They may not occur every evening, but they happen most often when someone is sleeping. If you suffer from night sweats and they become more frequent or more profound, it is important to inform your primary provider.

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